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Since its establishment in Ginza, Tokyo in 1988, Hijikata Law & Accounting Office has handled a number of legal consultations. We have each year enhanced our personnel, including lawyers and other staff members, and have mainly dealt with problems faced by Japanese companies and Japanese subsidiaries of international companies. Recently, law firms are required to have abilities to handle issues concerning management strategies, to address financing schemes and accounting treatment and to communicate with foreign executives as a result of globalization.

The characteristics of Hijikata Law & Accounting Office are our excellent abilities in handling management strategies, dealing with financing schemes and accounting treatment as well as communicating with foreign executives. Such characteristics enable us to address a wide range of needs of our corporate clients. Corporations today face a variety of problems from misunderstandings with clients to compliance issues, risk management, labor disputes arising from restructuring, corporate reorganization including spin-off and business transfer, and consultation on the establishment and management of Japanese subsidiaries of global companies.

Hijikata Law & Accounting Office is experienced in and capable of handling these diverse problems.

Attorney Profiles
Profile of Kunio Hijikata

Name: Kunio Hijikata
Date of birth: March 30, 1950
March 1974 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Hitotsubashi University
April 1976 Registered as a lawyer (Tokyo Bar Association)
January 1988 Founded Hijikata Law & Accounting Office
February 1988 Registered as a tax accountant (Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association)

Profile of Takeshi Kuno

Name: Takeshi Kuno
Date of birth: October 2, 1972
March 1997 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Tokyo University
October 2000 Registered as a lawyer (Tokyo Bar Association)
October 2000 Joined Hijikata Law & Accounting Office
Introduction of Attorney Kuno by the Director

Attorney Kuno has handled a number of civil and commercial cases, in particular bankruptcy cases. He has provided general legal consultation services for corporate clients and is well versed in bankruptcy situations and procedures. Recently, he has also worked with foreign clients.


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