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Office Summary
Overview of Services
Characteristics and Areas of specialization
Services Offered
1)Consultation on corporate management
2)Consultation on corporate restructuring
3)Outsourcing of corporate legal functions
4)Consultation on corporate reorganization
5)Corporate rehabilitation / bankruptcy proceedings
6)Establishment of Japanese subsidiaries on behalf of foreign companies; implementation of procedures for obtaining resident status for employees of foreign companies who are transferred to Japan
7)General legal consultation
8)Taxation and accounting
What is Hijikata Law & Accounting Office?
At Hijikata Law & Accounting Office, Kunio Hijikata and his staff members are offering various consultation services every day. Kunio Hijikata is not only a qualified lawyer but also a certified tax accountant. Based on his expertise in these two areas, Hijikata Law & Accounting Office particularly excels in corporate legal affairs including management of claims and agreements and bankruptcy administration in addition to routine corporate legal matters. We support small and medium-sized enterprises from diverse legal and accounting standpoints.
Message from Kunio Hijikata
Our motto is to offer “legal services that are both horizontally and vertically expansive.” “Horizontal” means spatial spread; that is, to offer services not only in Japan but also in connection to overseas. “Vertical” means that we offer legal services not only to experts but also to a wide range of laypeople. The general public often considers lawyers difficult to approach because of the impression we only deal with particular, specialized fields. However, we endeavor to offer our services even for small, ordinary problems in a manner that will satisfy our clients’ needs.

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