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Office Summary
Overview of Services
Characteristics and Areas of Specialization
Services Offered
1)Consultation on corporate management
2)Consultation on corporate restructuring
3)Outsourcing of corporate legal functions
4)Consultation on corporate reorganization
5)Corporate rehabilitation / bankruptcy proceedings
6)Establishment of Japanese subsidiaries on behalf of foreign companies; implementation of procedures for obtaining resident status for employees of foreign companies who are transferred to Japan
7)General legal consultation
8)Taxation and accounting

Characteristics and Areas of Specialization
The principal characteristic of Hijikata Law & Accounting Office is our comprehensive handling of a wide range of corporate legal problems. Companies face a variety of problems every day, including labor disputes, misunderstandings with clients and compliance issues. We address these legal issues utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience.

Legal problems faced by companies have changed alongside changes in economic conditions. Recently, we have handled a number of cases on the restructuring of employees, compliance by employees, reorganization (e.g. spin-off, business transfer, merger, etc.), corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcies.

With the globalization of the Japanese economy, the amount and diversity of legal advice sought by foreign companies, embassies and individuals has also been on the rise.


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