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Overview of Services
Characteristics and Areas of specialization
Services Offered
1)Consultation on corporate management
2)Consultation on corporate restructuring
3)Outsourcing of corporate legal functions
4)Consultation on corporate reorganization
5)Corporate rehabilitation / bankruptcy proceedings
6)Establishment of Japanese subsidiaries on behalf of foreign companies; implementation of procedures for obtaining resident status for employees of foreign companies who are transferred to Japan
7)General legal consultation
8)Taxation and accounting

Overview of Services

Hijikata Law & Accounting Office thoroughly deals with daily legal and taxation problems of companies.

Companies face legal problems every day, including restructuring problems, compliance issues, labor disputes with employees and misunderstandings with clients. It is crucial that companies and lawyers work together to solve legal problems as they arise. For this purpose, companies need to consult with lawyers even on small legal issues due to the extensive legal knowledge and experience required to solve corporate legal problems.

At Hijikata Law & Accounting Office, Kunio Hijikata, a qualified lawyer and certified tax accountant with nearly 30 years of experience, and his staff members address corporate legal issues utilizing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We especially focus on restructuring procedures for underachieving companies.

Before starting legal proceedings, underachieving companies should first identify measures to restore the soundness in their cash flow situation. These measures may include changes to debt repayment conditions, a review of income sources, and sales of idle assets. If business rehabilitation is impossible through such self-effort, legal proceedings including a business transfer, application for civil rehabilitation or application for bankruptcy proceedings will be required.

Our motto is to closely work with our corporate clients to solve their problems. We are able to formulate a wide range of solutions from the stage where self-rehabilitation is possible to the stage requiring legal proceedings.

On behalf of foreign companies, Hijikata Law & Accounting Office can also implement procedures to establish Japanese subsidiaries and to obtain resident status for employees stationed in Japan.

Utilizing our English communication skills, we enthusiastically support the activities of foreign companies in Japan.


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