Hijikata - Kuno Law & Accounting Office Hijikata - Kuno Law & Accounting Office


A distinguishing feature of Hijikata-Kuno Law & Accounting Office is that Kunio Hijikata, the representative lawyer is qualified not only as a lawyer but also as a tax accountant.
Based on the experience we have accumulated over many years, we provide support in terms of the management of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as settle family dispute such as personal inheritance issues and submit inheritance tax return.


Problems in corporate management

  • Addressing issues of establishing corporate governance and maintaining compliance
  • Solving Labor Issues Related to Employment Relations
  • Trade Dispute Resolution
  • Transactional debt collection
  • Handling of corporate liquidation
  • Legal consultation for foreigners (language: English)
  • Other advice on relationships with public offices, etc.

Personal problems

  • Solving inheritance disputes
  • Handling of divorce and separation
  • Dealing with Child Support Issues
  • Solving boundary disputes, etc.
  • Other legal affairs

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