A Message from Kunio Hijikata

As a lawyer and as a tax accountant, I have accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge and experience.
I believe that my deep knowledge of law and my experience as a lawyer for more than 45 years will contribute great assistance for my clients, on top of that my long experience of tax accountant will provide my clients with sophisticated achievement.

Introduction of Lawyers

Director Kunio Hijikata, Attorney at Law

March, 1974Graduated from The Faculty of Law, Hitotsubashi University
April,1976Registered as a lawyer (Tokyo Bar Association)
January, 1988Hijikata Law & Accounting Office opened in Ginza 3-chome.
February, 1988Registered as a tax accountant (Tokyo Tax Accountant Association)
August ,2023Our office was moved to Ginza 4-chome, changing the name of our office

Partner Takeshi Kuno, Attorney at Law

March,1997Graduated from the Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo
October,2000Registered as a lawyer (Tokyo Bar Association)
October,2000Joined Hijikata Law & Accounting Office

Introduction of Attorney Kuno from the Director

Mr. Kuno is characterized by the handling of civil, commercial, and family cases, but he is often appointed as qualified by the Tokyo Family Court and handles many positions such as guardianship and so on. Mr. Kuno also has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer and has an excellent track record by making use of his past experience.